Client Testimonials

Terry McHugh

Estate Planning

A simple Will, expected to be settled quickly, turned into a complex situation, a saga that continued for more than three years before final settlement. However, Tranter Lawyers made my executor’s role simple. Problems were explained so that these could be easily understood and managed with no concerns for me and several generations of family members who had no idea of how wonderful the result would be for them. During the many visits to Tranters to sign documents and to have legal briefings that always advised the best course of action for a better outcome. Nothing dreary about this lot, just ensuring the client is comfortable and relaxed while being informed. Melissa and Kim know their stuff! Their professionalism and friendliness is “pretty to watch”. They act promptly, know where to go to achieve best results and if something potentially more advantageous is in the offering they seek the expertise of others in the firm if needed. The way Tranter team operated minimised the hours of work booked to the estate’s legal costs. I recommend the firm to all friends and associates for all legal service knowing if Tranter Lawyers don’t have all the expertise in the office that they can access the best on the way to achieving the result you want.