Asset Protection

The Best Way to Protect Your Assets in Maitland and Newcastle

There are so many options when it comes to asset protection planning – it can feel a little overwhelming.

We believe that our job is to educate you on the different possibilities so that you can choose the options that best protect your assets with the circumstances you are facing.

Different Asset Protection Strategies for Different Circumstances

There are some pretty obvious differences you’ll immediately realise – the 95-year-old pensioner who only has $50,000 in assets would require a very different asset protection strategy from a couple who have ten million dollars worth of assets and three children, one of whom has special needs.

However, there are even deeper subtleties – the 95-year-old pensioner actually has an even more complex need due to the fact that actually, her only son had recently just gone bankrupt. The need to keep the family assets from being taken away by the government meant a much more strategic approach needed to be taken.

What Kind of Asset Protection Might You Need?

There is such a diverse and complex range of possible circumstances that could affect which asset protection strategies you choose to take up.

You may need family asset protection trusts, or maybe you need specific options using testamentary trusts in order to reduce unnecessary capital gains tax on selling investment shares.

There are some asset protection strategies that also have tax benefits.

This could, under certain circumstances, save you thousands of dollars in tax each year.

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