History & Mission

A Law Firm Born and Raised in Maitland


It All Began With Family

In 2000, Matthew Tranter’s world shifted – he and his wife had their first child. The arrival of this new life and responsibility ignited the inspiration to build something meaningful. He and his wife wanted to contribute to a better world for their child.

The very building that Tranter Lawyers now continues to operate out of became available. They talked it over. The risk of starting his own legal practice was immense.

But the risk paled in comparison to the desire to grow a law firm in Maitland that was focused on providing a standard of genuine care that equaled its outstanding level of service.

Values derived from Experience in small business

At the time, Matthew had been working for another law firm in the area for 7 years. He recalls how things were not run the way he would have liked to have seen them being run.

“Back when I was studying commerce at Newcastle University, I used to work for a chiropractor. He had a very small practice and I loved the way he ran that business. That’s where a lot of the ideas, principles and values for my own practice have come from.”

Witnessing how other legal practices had unfocused and typically ruthless business cultures, Matthew was confident that starting his own practice focused on treating people right was the way forward for himself and his family.

Decades of Success

In 2020, Tranter Lawyers celebrated two full decades of success – the ultimate validation of running a legal practice that prioritised values of transparency, respect, and care.

When Matthew started, it was just his wife, a secretary and a plastic chair. The firm has now blossomed into a vibrant and diverse team of 19 professionals, including 7 solicitors, who work tirelessly to serve the Maitland and Newcastle community.


Our Ongoing Mission

The original values that Matthew used in founding Tranter Lawyers continue to motivate and inspire the team today.

The mission is simple: provide clients with peace of mind through quality advice that prioritises wellbeing.

We put people first and communicate with clarity.

We take care of each other. Every team member displays a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and acts with integrity while having fun along the way.

We take care of every individual client. We take the time to listen to their needs so we can feel confident in solutions we recommend. We develop ongoing relationships so that every client is much more than just a client.

These values will continue to underpin everything we do at Tranter Lawyers.

We hope that our history and mission make it clear the kind of law firm that we are.

If you’d like to know more, or find out if we could help you with whatever your legal needs may be, contact us at the button below, or call (02) 4934 2600.