Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property Lawyers In Maitland and Newcastle

Tranter Lawyers recognises that its clients’ intellectual property is a valuable asset worth protecting.

At Tranter Lawyers, we have assisted clients ranging from small startups to larger corporations to not only understand the legal, but the practical and commercial ways you can protect your intellectual property.

What areas can an intellectual property lawyer help with?

  • Advice regarding intellectual property rights
  • Auditing of intellectual property
  • Trade mark applications
  • Business names, product names & service names
  • Protection of inventions – from conception to market
  • Licensing issues
  • Assistance with shareholder agreements and contractual obligations
  • IP dispute resolution & litigation in Court
  • Advise on commercial laws for marketing new inventions
  • Franchising for new products, services and ideas
  • Advice for protection of confidential information
  • Patents and product protection

Why do you need an intellectual property lawyer?

Just as there is Conveyancing and Property Law to protect physical assets, there are intellectual property laws to help protect your less tangible business assets from inventive patents to trademarks, to copyright material.

Let us at Tranter Lawyers help you understand your intellectual property rights and ways in which you can protect them.

Some Happy Clients

There could be a much wider scope for protecting your business than you might think. At Tranter Lawyers, we’re all about helping you to understand not only the potential risks in your business, but also all the options available to ensure you don’t run into trouble, and so that you aren’t wasting time and money on unnecessary litigation.

If you feel like you need someone to put into clear, simple terms how intellectual property law might affect your business, feel free to get in touch, or call us on (02) 4934 2600 to talk to one of our intellectual property lawyers about your situation.