Employment Law

Employment Lawyers in Maitland and Newcastle

In an ideal world, every business is set up with all agreements in place, so there can be no contact disputes or unfair dismissals.

In reality, employment matters can get complicated. Tranter Lawyers has had significant experience assisting both employers and employees in handling issues that arise in the workplace.

If you believe you have been dismissed unfairly, contact us as soon as possible – strict time limits apply to unfair dismissal claims.

How Employment Lawyers Help


  • Drafting Employment Agreements
  • Enforcement of Employment Agreements
  • Business advice for re-structuring your company correctly

It is always recommended to consult an experienced solicitor when making changes that will affect your workforce. Contact Tranter Lawyers for more information.

How Employment Lawyers Help


  • Reviewing your Employment Agreement to ensure it is fair
  • Challenging or setting aside unfair contracts
  • Reviewing your working conditions to ensure you are being treated correctly
  • Unfair dismissal and breaches of the Employment Agreement
  • Reviewing redundancies to determine whether you have received what you are entitled to.

We can provide assistance for clients Affected by the following legislation:

  • Employment Protection Act
  • Industrial Relations Act
  • Occupational Health & Safety Act
  • Workplace Relations Act
  • Privacy Laws
  • Information about the various awards (State and Federal)

The Legal Solution Isn’t Always the Best Solution

From our perspective, our work is not about ‘winning your case’ – it’s about ensuring your business is protected and your goals are being met.

We had an employer that had a team member who left work for the opposition. The ex-employee started saying some things about their ex-employer that they really shouldn’t have been saying.

A formal letter to the ex-employee pointing out their legal obligations worked…at first.

When the loud-mouthed ex-employee started his disgruntled chatter once again, the employer was understandably furious and wanted to take him to court.

But we asked the question, “What is it you really want from this?”

Digging deep with this employer, we got down to the fact that they wanted the employee to stop saying these things for the purpose of making sure that clients and customers don’t leave.

So we pointed out, “Taking this ex-employee to court would be an expensive way to prove to your clients and customers that perhaps they should listen to what he has to say about you!”

Instead, we recommended that they take the money that would have been spent on the legal fees and invest it in their clients instead, to maintain loyalty.

This employer realised this made a lot more sense, went ahead and released some client-only promotions, and even got some extra referrals out of that activity.

Tranter Lawyers didn’t make any money out of that, but it served our higher mission – to put people first and do the right thing for our clients.

Ultimately, litigation should be the very last resort. Usually, no one really wins when it comes to litigation. There is always an emotional price to pay, and our primary job is to minimise the emotional impact of any dispute.

Some Happy Clients

We believe in always doing what is right for you and your situation. Especially in employment matters, we will be the first to tell you if litigation can be avoided to save you not only money but also emotional distress.

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