Stimulus week: Wage and training subsidies announced

Stimulus week: Wage and training subsidies announced

The Government has today announced a $2 billion ‘JobTrainer’ scheme – wage subsidy and skills-training scheme, covering 180,000 apprentices and trainers nationally.

The wage-subsidy aspect of the scheme extends the current apprentice wage subsidy already in place for a further six months, and purports to expands the scheme to include medium-sized businesses with less than 200 employees, for the first time.

The training aspect of the scheme hopes to equip job seekers and school leavers with the skills Australia shall need after (and during) the coronavirus pandemic by offering subsidised education and training for certain industries including:

  • health care,
  • social assistance;
  • transport;
  • postal;
  • warehousing;
  • manufacturing;
  • retail;
  • wholesale trade.

Further details of the JobTrainer scheme and continued spending associated with the JobSeeker and JobKeeper schemes are expected to be announced by Josh Frydenberg in the next week, making this a big week ahead for everyone in Australia.

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